Crann Piorr'Art Paintings

Crann Piorr'Art paintings are classified under different collections:

Colournoscopy, is the latest of Crann Piorr'art work and consists in a gigantic fresco and some paintings related to it. In this fresco, the artist made a link between the visual art and each musical world explored in paintings.

Stains and Prints is the first abstract collection of the artist. It is made of paintings showing stains, prints, volutes, fluids explosions... Crann Piorr'Art hopes to transmit through his paintings the energy, the joy and hope in life.

In Panic in the City the artist played with the perspectives in an imaginary town represented under different angles and places.

The Other Collection page regroups paintings which are not classified in any collection.

In Old Stuff are some of the paintings made during the art school or at that time (between 1989 and 1991).

The Sketches are showing the preliminary artist work before a painting is finalized.


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