Oil on linen canvas 150 x 120 cm and 120 x 120 cm (2 paintings)

Year: 2008

Artist: Crann Piorr'Art - Gilles Poirier


Note: These tables cannot be sold separately

  • The little story behind the painting

    It was while going to the Arts Week of Kilkenny in Ireland that the idea for this painting came to me. There was a carpet there which flowed in 3 dimensions and I wanted to render the same effect of liquid which flows and is spread on the floor in paint. Therefore, I think the best position for the lower table is flat on the floor or placed on a pallet.

  • Terms and conditions of sale

    La vente de tableaux est soumise à un contrat de vente qui doit être accepté, paraphé et signé par les deux parties, un modèle type de ce contrat est disponible dans la page Documents du site.

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