Tenth opus of the Colournoscopy fresco.

Oil on linen canvas 162 x 130

Year: 2008

Artist: Crann Piorr'Art - Gilles Poirier

  • The little story behind the painting

    When this painting came out of my head, I wanted above all to combine circles of different diameters without any clear idea of the end result. Then it turned out that some will see planets. But the initial idea of stains and fingerprints is not dead. The tasks, here, are the background that too Cartesian minds will take for a sky, the imprints are the circles. Finally, this painting gave me an idea to attach a future painting to it which, like the Star Wars saga, will not be the continuation but the origins… this painting exists, it is "The creation"

  • Terms and conditions of sale

    The sale of paintings is subject to a sales contract which must be accepted, initialed and signed by both parties, a standard model of this contract is available on the Documents page of the site.

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