Order a painting

Commissions: You can order your painting.

Crann Piorr'Art will define with you what exactly you want and decide if it is possible or not.


If both parties agree, I will do an initial visit to confirm the type of painting, the size, the place it will be placed. I will do a quick stetch of the painting to have the principal ideas. The customer at this stage can ask for corrections. Once agreed, a contract is signed by both parties.

At this stage, the travel expenses are on charge of the customer.


A first sum of 30% of the price agreed must be sent, before the starting of the painting. The work can stat. During the painting work, photos of the evoklution of the work will be sent to the customer.


Once the painting is finished, the customer can come to the artist workshop to see the result. The customer can then take the painting with him if the painting is dry or it can be sent to the customer afterwards. At this stage, the customer must pay the rest of the sum.


The painting remain the artistic property of the artist, meaning only the artist can do exhibitions and commercial photos of the painting.


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Price on demande, please consult me.