Oil Painting : « Get yourself a painting ! » 


To make his work more unique and original, Crann Piorr'Art uses oil paint on his canvases, a technique that allows you to work and re-work colors and shapes longer and echo a cultural context creation, its personality and its ambitions to provoke states and reactions in those who visualize it.

Rent, order or buy an oil painting on canvas 


Rent it

You want to have a work in your company or at home but you do not want to have the same thing all the time? The ideal solution is to rent a painting. The rental period will be between 6 months to 1 year renewable, with a possible change of table. Delivery and installation are offered.


Order it 

You want to have an original work with its own characteristics: size, colors or details that you want to show? The table will be made according to your request as well as your criteria, associated with mine, to define before the order. 



Buy it

View the tables below, select and activate your cart. Pay online and have it delivered to the address of your choice. 100% secure payment.