The artist

Crann Piorr'Art artistic background

In 1989 en 1990, I was a student in Dendermonde Art School in Belgium where I lived at that time. Figurative art and portrait were not what I really wanted to do.
From 1991, back living in Paris, I registered as a student in the Atelier des Beaux Arts de la ville de Paris for 2 years in a free expression course.

My first paintings beside my early work and schoolwork are grouped in the collection
Panic in the city. In these paintings, I played with the perspectives and different angles of the same city and the same church. I did all of these paintings between 1990 and 1992 but mainly on paper during my art school in Paris and most of them were damaged when glued on canvas, so I re-did the paintings between 2004 and 2013.
At that time, I didn’t have a proper workshop, or my main professional activity didn’t give me too much time, so I was not so productive.

In 2013, I started to do abstract art under
Stains and Prints collection. I explore the idea of stains, prints and movements like wind, liquid, explosions… All these sudden phenomena of great energy which arrive suddenly in an unexpected form. Don’t ask me what the exact meaning of the paintings is, it is up to you to see what you want to see. The main link which related all my paintings is the choice of bright and hot colours in contrast with dark and cold blues.

I'm now working on a new project
Colournoscopy, a project of 12 canvasses or more and least 22 meters long. This fresco consists of different paintings which are connected together with each one exploring a different musical world.

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Crann Piorr'Art in his workshop

Crann Piorr'Art artistic background

Crann Piorr'Art influences

Crann Piorr'Art influences

Crann Piorr'Art influences

My influences are multiple and I do not stop to vote in the artistic world. I could name a few like Joan Mitchell or Jean Paul Riopelle who inspired me for the fresco Colournoscopy, but it would be forgetting the others, all who did what art is today Bruegel, Van Eyck and Rembrandt to the well known artists or those who deserve to be.

One thing is certain, there are no limits in art and everything is possible, everything is valid as long as the artist has put his emotion and passion into it. Some works speak to us, others inspire us. Each artist brings a stone to the building.

Crann Piorr'Art performance quote

As a professional artist, I got an artist's rating from recognized organizations like AKOUN and I-CAC.

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A flawless stay

My specificity to make abstract paintings on large formats limits to participate in exhibitions that limit the size of works. I bought smaller works, but outside orders, this is not my goal but artistic, because I felt the urge to express myself on supermarkets. Some shows are already open to my XXL paintings and I hope to one day obtain a distinction.

Crann Piorr'Art at work