Crann Piorr Art : Abstract painter

A personal vision of abstract art

By moving from naïve art, figurative to abstract style, my art approaches a progressive approach that has flourished at the same time as my own existence, in a desire to transcend reality through painting.

If I have to define myself as a person, I would say without hesitation that I consider myself to be an abstract painter. Before arriving at this stage, I obviously had to follow a classic course. First of all, I studied painting in Dendermonde, Belgium. After this period, I perfected my own style at the Atelier des Beaux-Arts in Paris. I have some favorite colors that I particularly like. At the whim of my travels around the globe, that is to say in America, Africa and Asia, I noticed that warm colors had taken over in my conception of art.

Crann Piorr'Art is an artist who paints mainly abstract art, recognizable by his palette of colors that combines bright and warm colors in contrast with the blues.

His many travels in Africa, Asia and Latin America have certainly influenced Crann Piorr'Art in this choice of colors.

The music, omnipresent during the creation is found in his work Colournoscopy where the artist makes a link between the visual and sound world.


Crann Piorr'Art has always wanted to embark on abstract art so as not to be limited by the boundaries imposed by figurative art. It was not until he acquired a sufficient artistic maturity to embark on the adventure.

Stains & Prints is his first approach to abstract art after completing his collection of naive and figurative art "Panic in the City".


After learning painting in an art school in Belgium, Crann Piorr'Art wanted to develop his own style by enrolling first at the Beaux Arts workshop of the City of Paris. It was here that he began his collection Panic in the City where he played on perspectives in an imaginary city.


Some school work is not representative of recent works by Crann Piorr'Art because he had not yet found his mark. However, some are the beginnings of what will become Crann Piorr'Art later.

Old Stuff

Crann Piorr'Art, a colourist of the monumental

At the peak of my art, I decided to completely exceed my limits and put my talent to good use through a personal challenge to which I devoted a whole collection named: Colournoscopy. Entering the unappreciated field of abstract art, I crossed a big landing, a critical point of no return. With abstract art, I rub shoulders with the stars by plunging myself into a space of infinite possibilities. By breaking the boundaries established by figurative art, I have tried three-dimensional paintings that stand in the way of this traditional idea of ​​representing nature in a mimic way. As a creation, I conceive shapes and colours that transcend the realm of reality.


Totally liberated and in keeping with this new conception of the world, I practice by combining closely related concepts. With my latest collection, I plan to design a particularly ambitious project. I have the idea to create a titanic fresco 22 meters long by composing more than 12 nested tables. At the crossroads of music and painting, I intend to graphically correlate the first and the last painting. In this sense, we obtain a continuation and in a certain way, the work knows no limit.

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If, over the ages, musicians have quickly associated visual art with their creations, too few painters have resolved to emit the same approach. People will see my frescoes much more current, free, and daring. My art deals with symbolism and unprecedented visual effects using fingerprints, stains, fluids, and explosions.

Thus, those who take the time to look at one of my paintings will be sucked into a world that will be curiously familiar.

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